Monday, May 11, 2015

Living and learning

This is the final week of classes and I have learned more than I thought I would. I plan to take what I have learned and continue to dig for Baltimore's history and apply it to adventures. I signed up for a Pratt Library card when we went on our field trip, so I hope to visit the library in the near future. Coming into this class, I thought it was going to be another upper level class I can not care about later down the road. But boy! Was I wrong. I learned a lot about the history of Baltimore and culture. In a way, with the things happening in the city, it has opened my eyes up even more to understand what is needed and expected from students, families, and people around us. I want to come to the screening of the research project and I would love to come in and see what other classes will get done next semester!

Adventure 3- I scream for ice cream!

After getting Joe Squared, we went to satisfy our sweet tooth! I got butter pecan! YUM! We ate our ice cream in the little shop while we sat there, we noticed there were a lot of artwork on the walls. Many paintings, such as the one featured in this picture were for sale by students. It had the student's name, contact info, and the price they were selling it for. It was cool to see local businesses support the art from students throughout the city. Really does show meaning to Station North, The Arts and Entertainment District!

Below are some more pictures of the artwork in the shop!

Adventure 2- Joe^2

On April 17th, Marissa, Naomi, Scott and I ventured out to Station North. We completely relied on public transportation even though we had no idea where we were going. Once we got off in the city, we were unsure which way to go so we decided to ask a security guard. Once we asked how do we get to Station North, he was puzzled and thought we were asking about a station in general. After trying to assure him we were talking about a particular place we decided just to say Penn Station because that's one of the common areas in the city and he most likely knew how to get there. We eventually had to ask another police officer and finally got on the Circulator. We had to get on the orange line and then switch over to purple, but we got there!! 

It was interesting to know that people don't know Station North by "Station North" but if we said something like Charles North or North Ave. people would automatically know how to get there. "Station what?" is what we heard throughout the beginning of the trip.

We got to Joe Squared and ordered our food. I ordered a 10" pizza with cheddar cheese, chicken and broccoli. It was good but I couldn't finish it all so I saved the other half for my sister! Overall, I would stick to Ledo's for pizza!

Monday, May 4, 2015

A sense of community

Picture retrieved from: Red Emma's Instagram

It was coincidental that the Baltimore unrest happened during our time in this class. While we were researching and listening to various interviews, I know many of us speculated our own opinions about the city. How different businesses in the city provided  certain atmospheres and served a particular population. For instance, Red Emma's. When I went into Red Emma's for my adventures and four our field trip, I was surprised.Compared to the people walking around outside and people inside of Red Emma's are two different atmospheres. During the unrest, it was so heartwarming to see businesses such as Red Emma's to open doors and serve people they normally wouldn't. To see businesses and community leaders come together and serve showed a sense of accountability towards one another. Reading and learning about the riots in 1968 seemed forever ago, but it seems like history may be repeating itself for the better.

I've learned so much in this class from when I initially started. I know now that this yearning to learn more about the city will not end after this class. I will continue to adventure out to Baltimore and dig deep into it's history. It's interesting to know about the up comings of attractions and businesses which help us to cherish them even more.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Potential to blossom

Every week, I am more and more impressed with the diversity in Station North. I listened to Dusty Kelser's interview and just like Ben Stone and Alethia Shin, he mentions Station North has potential. Dusty Kelser mentions he feels a sense of security at Station North and that his current job is the longest job he has held. There are many themes that are similar among the different interviews and then there are some that contradict the other. This in itself, shows diversity. This week, we will be listening to another interview and pull out more themes to contribute to the overall themes the class has picked out. 

Image retrieved from:

Monday, April 20, 2015

Keepin' it movin'

This past week I transcribed half of Ben Stone's interview and pulled out themes to help Naomi. I worked with her to understand what Ben Stone was talking about. I learned that Station North, still, has a lot of potential. Walking through the neighborhoods it was interesting to still see many abandoned houses/buildings that aren't in use. In Ben Stone's interview he mentioned that some abandoned buildings are owned by people and they're "working" on them. He also talked about his concerns for Station North and a possible expansion.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Adventure 1- Mango Tango

On April 9, 2015 we went to Station North as a field trip. We saw the many places we were researching about. Since it was my first time, I decided I needed to buy something. As we were walking, we noticed an Arabber parked on the street. So i thought this was the perfect opportunity to get something and also support the small business. I asked the man how much was one mango. He said they were $2.50 or something like that. I told him I only had $2 in cash on me. At this point I'm far behind from the rest of the class. He gets two mangoes and asks me what I am doing here and if I am doing a project. So not able to explain much before I get lost, I told him yes we are researching about Station North and it's history ... he was impressed. He gives me both mangoes and says " You have a great day pretty and remember, don't let anyone take that brain away from you". I was happy he gave me two mangoes because they are my favorite fruit.
When I brought them home my mom laughed because she thought I was crazy for buying a mango for $2 when I could get a whole box for $6 at the supermarket. I let them sit in my fruit basket for a couple of days and this past weekend, my mom decides it was time to cut the one on the left. . I was so excited when she cut it because I wanted to prove to her that these mangoes were different. Boy was I wrong! I was disappointed but I'm hoping the gem on the right helps me prove my case.